Innerspace Cheshire - Cork Bark
Bark @Southport
February 20, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Charred Timber
Charred Timber
February 21, 2017


Innerspace Cheshire - Cork Bark

Innerspace Cheshire - Cork Bark

Innerspace bark panels are made by hand from real bark.
Our panels look and feel authentic and can help create a real biophilic connection
between nature and the built environment.
The panels are easy to install and easy to specify.
The bark for the panels is sustainably sourced and is ideal for architects and
designers that want to create something rare and unique.
Bring the outdoors in!

Cork Panels

Innerspace Cork bark panels have a rough contrasting surface, with a multitude of tones
to express years of natural weathering. The sheer depth of this bark creates real heat
insulation and acoustic benefits

Birch Panels

Birch bark, known for its suppleness, has been used for centuries by artisans and
crafters for its full of character and texture.

Poplar Panels

Poplar bark, with its muted natural shades of colour and its deep textured ravines,
intrinsically connects man with nature

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