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May 19, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Biophilic

Biophilic Materials for design…

The theme of our latest mood-board is Biophilic Design. Biophilic Design is an innovative way of designing the places where we live, work, and learn. We need nature in a deep and fundamental fashion, but we have often designed our cities, homes and workplace in ways that both degrade the […]
April 21, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Moss Panels


For a spectacular feature wall, focal point or unique and bespoke signage, we present real Icelandic moss from Freund. True to our key product values, our moss is AUTHENTIC, PRACTICAL and AFFORDABLE. Stabilised Icelandic moss is sustainably harvested in Scandinavia, cleaned and preserved and retains its natural organic characteristics, remaining soft […]
April 10, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Hay


Hay wallcovering brings a new experience in the use of authentic natural raw materials. Encompassing your sense of smell, sight and touch, our wallcovering adds something special to any biophilic design. Produced in the heart of the Alps, with 100% green energy and without using any nasty stuff, to create […]
March 7, 2017


Resin Panels for counters, wall cladding and more. Organic materials, cool metal or mellow textiles, all embedded in transparent resin panels. This innovative material offers considerable bespoke design possibilities. We can insert material at multi-layer layers to create a three dimensional effect that intensifies the visual depth, we can even make […]
February 24, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Woven Vinyl Flooring

Woven Vinyl Flooring

Woven vinyl is a new hybrid type of flooring. Textile in nature, but manufactured from innovative materials, vinyl and fibreglass, woven vinyl flooring is remarkably robust, very functional and yet highly elegant. Innerspace Cheshire introduces woven vinyl flooring to its collection in partnership with 2tec2. 2tec2 was launched in 2005 […]
February 23, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Concrete Wallcovering


  It’s all about a raw industrial finish these days. Concrete gives a modern clean edge to a design with natural warmth. Concrete on a roll combines an AUTHENTIC look, with a PRACTICAL format at an AFFORDABLE price point. Concrete on a roll is available in a plain poured finish […]
February 22, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Rust Wallcovering


RUST ON A ROLL FOR WALLS, PANELS OR FURNITURE. The industrial look is highly desirable, but difficult to achieve. Deep orange autumnal tones of rusted steel create an aged and weathered look with a sense of history. Rust on a roll provides an AUTHENTIC alternative to rusted steel sheets, in a […]
February 22, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Solid Surface

Solid Surface

Innerspace brings Marblo® solid surfaces. Solid surface products are used in a myriad of residential, commercial, retail and hospitality environments. Innovation is the hallmark of all Marblo® solid surface materials, from plain solid colours for laboratory tops, to speckled sheets for kitchen counters, to Opal Series translucent materials for reception […]
February 22, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Carpet Concept


Innerspace is proud to bring you the Carpet Concept collections of broadloom carpets. Uniting traditional weaving, tufting, and new technology, our collections of broadloom carpets encompass a wide variety of production methods, all international in design, durable in quality and convenient in terms of use. Carpet Concept develops surfaces for […]
February 22, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Carpet Tile

Carpet Tiles

Tecsom make a great carpet tile.  Given the amount of time they’ve been doing it, that shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Our market position is one of exceptional quality that costs no more than normal carpet tiles. Unlike normal carpet tiles all our standard collections are made from new […]
February 22, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl

Wooden and stone floors are a popular choice for designers but can be relatively expensive and hard to deal with. Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles however are the ideal solution, providing an authentic look that is affordable and easy to fit, with the added benefits of anti slip and stain […]
February 21, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Rubber Flooring


High performance studded rubber tiles, available in 12 urban colours and can be easily used to create either a bold or subtle design statement. They offer very high performance and practicality for commercial, hospitality and residential projects, being easy to fit and maintain! Call Innerspace Cheshire on 01270 625043 or […]
February 21, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Grass


Our faux grass is one of the best synthetic grass materials of its type available and is suitable for both interior and exterior projects. No layout is too awkward as it can easily be cut to size, creating a seamless installation. Our faux grass is durable and requires minimal maintenance […]
February 21, 2017

Charred Timber

Charred timber is conserved along the lines of an ancient Japanese tradition called Yakisugi. Spruce timber is charred and then sealed using a nano-coating so that the charred surface doesn’t mark when touched. We offer two different levels of charring – a lighter char which leaves a shinier, smoother finish […]
February 21, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Bark Panel


Innerspace bark panels by Freund, are produced by hand from real tree bark. Our authentic tree bark panels can help create a real connection between nature and the built environment. The bark for the panels is sustainably sourced and is ideal for architects and designers that want to create something […]
February 20, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Freund Moss

Moss @Uber

PROJECT Uber – Aldgate Tower, London PRODUCT Freund Evergreen Flexible Moss Panels – Colour Moss Green SPECIFIER Denton Associates INFO Innerspace Evergreen Flexible Moss Panels were used to great effect at Uber’s offices in Aldgate Tower, London. We’re delighted to be part of such a wonderful project with Denton Associates […]
February 19, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Carpet

Carpet @Powerhouse

Project Powerhouse – Oslo Product Carpet Concept – Eco Info The Powerhouse office building was created by Snøhetta and generates more energy than it actually consumes. Woven carpets from the Eco collection by Carpet Concept were chosen for the 3500m2 floor areas. The traditional weaving process with firmly woven-in threads […]
February 16, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Tecsom Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles @Mercury

PROJECT Mercury House, Waterloo, London PRODUCT Innerspace Tecsom Linear Spirit Uni colour 200 INFO Mercury House is part of Local London’s Waterloo Estate. Opposite the Old Vic theatre the building is a stones throw away from Waterloo Station. The building has recently undergone a major refurbishment. The design is industrial-chic […]
February 15, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire

Materials @Oasis

PROJECT Oasis PRODUCT Hay, Rust & Concrete SPECIFIER Oasis INFO Oasis is committed to pushing boundaries to provide unique results for our clients. We are passionate about looking for innovative materials to print on. Innerspace are a key supplier in this as they offer us media that most would think were beyond the realms of […]
February 15, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Freund Moss

Moss @Nook

PROJECT The Nook PRODUCT Freund Moss panels SPECIFIER Fern & Noble INFO Nook creates refuge within a space.  It’s a great space to work alone or break out to take calls or especially for workers who might appreciate a calm space within an open plan office. The moss wall adds extra auditory protection […]
February 15, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Freund Moss

Moss @AllBarOne

PROJECT All Bar One – Leicester Square PRODUCT Freund Evergreen Flexible Moss Panels – Colour Moss Green SPECIFIER Design Coalition INFO The brief was to create something new, and different from previous All Bar One sites and something special due to its location in Leicester Square. The moss looks fantastic […]
February 15, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Tecsom - Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles @Capricorn

PROJECT Capricorn, London PRODUCT Innerspace Tecsom Linear Spirit SPECIFIER Advanced Interior Solutions INFO A boutique financial services firm, wanted a sleek environment to provide maximum visual impact to their client base, reflecting the quality of their advice, products and service. Key areas were a client facing reception, meeting rooms and […]
February 14, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Materials For Design

Materials @Level39

PROJECT Level 39 PRODUCT Moss, Rust & Concrete SPECIFIER TPS Interiors and Level 39 INFO We completed a project alongside the team of Level 39, Canary Wharf. Elevated in the Tower with breath taking views of the City of London and the river Thames snaking elegantly though its heart, it’s […]
February 14, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Freund Moss

Moss @WeWork

PROJECT WeWork, Waterhouse Square, London PRODUCT Innerspace Freund Evergreen Premium moss panels and bespoke moss sign SPECIFIER Oktra INFO A huge Innerspace Freund Evergreen Premium moss wall is installed in the atrium at the co-working offices, WeWork in Waterhouse Square. The wall contributes to the space not just aesthetically but […]
February 11, 2017
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the team at Innerspace, have a great break!  
February 10, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - In the mood for some sea air?

In the mood for some sea air?

Now we’ve had a few days of warmer weather our thoughts are turning to the holiday season. And with holidays comes a coastal theme. We’re thinking the real mother of pearl in Marblo Oyster Shell combined with pastel blues in woven vinyl from 2tec2 and shimmering encapsulated fabrics in resin […]
February 10, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Moss - Royal Yacht Spa

Moss @RoyalYachtSpa

PROJECT Royal Yacht Hotel Spa – Jersey PRODUCT Freund Moss panels SPECIFIER IDP Interior Design INFO The Spa and hotel have had a hugely successful refurbishment! The design inspiration was to maintain a natural feeling in the existing Spa through a clever use of authentic finishes and detailing. The Moss wall […]
February 10, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Carpet

Carpet @Wildau

Project Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences Product Carpet Concept – Eco Info Rich in tradition and with around 3,500 students, it‘s the largest university of its kind in Brandenburg. They transformed the originally monolithic interior of the listed brick building into a modern complex with several storeys and spacious, […]
February 10, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Carpet

Carpet @Sparebanken

Project Sparebanken – Norway Product Carpet Concept – Eco Syn Info The Eco Syn Collection by Carpet Concept in bright beige emphasises the Nordic, natural interior atmosphere. This unique textile floor covering whilst providing excellent commercial performance, also contributes accoustically to help create a calmimg ambiance.      
February 8, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week is just around the corner and we’ll be celebrating with exciting product launches, a Belgian Beer tasting and Italian Street food on Thursday 25th May at the Britton Street Showroom. The new Colourful collection from 2tec2 will be on display with several new installations. And in a […]