Aspen Insurance.

We had the opportunity to design, hand-craft and install a new, modern, and stylish biophilic feature wall for Aspen Insurance. Collaborating the design with Mansfield Monk, a leading office and residential design, commercial interiors and refurbishment practice that operate in London, the UK and internationally. Strategically located to greet visitors from both the reception and collaboration zones while also serving as a focal point for the meeting room suite, the feature wall stands out as a stylish element within the office space. Using Innerspace’s Naturemoss and Natureverde preserved biophilic products, we carefully arranged them to achieve a contrasting blend of dark and light greens in a wavy pattern. This design not only enhances the office space but created a cohesive branding and visual link to the similar statement piece in their US offices.

Naturemoss Natureverde

Project Name

Aspen Insurance

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Mansfield Monk Ltd.

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