" For 5 years, our partnership with Innerspace Cheshire has been a cornerstone of our success across diverse projects. From lush preserved foliage and moss walls to acoustic wall panelling and wall coverings, Innerspace Cheshire has consistently delivered exceptional results. Their commitment to a high-performance service culture resonates throughout the entire company. It's evident that every member of their team is passionate about what they do, creating a ripple effect of excellence from project initiation to completion. What sets Innerspace Cheshire apart is not just their amazing products, but the unwavering dedication of their installation team. Going above and beyond, the team ensures that every project is executed with meticulous precision, guaranteeing the utmost satisfaction. Innerspace Cheshire has been instrumental in elevating our projects to new heights and their exceptional service continues to be a driving force in our ongoing collaboration."

Heather Baxter, AMH

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Edwin Group

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AMH Workspace

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