Innerspace Cheshire - Moss, bark and charred timber
Moss, Bark & Charred Timber @The Maltings
May 18, 2020
Brick slips
Brick @NMI
May 18, 2020

Moss@ Putney

Moss wall

Innerspace Cheshire - Naturemoss - Foothill


Putney Sixth Form


Naturemoss Landscape


Putney’s innovative and sustainable Biophilic Classroom project has been extended to the development of the Sixth Form Centre “Futures Hub.” This flexible and airy space has been transformed into a peaceful area with separate zones in which to study, to relax, or to chat with friends.

‘Feedback from students since the plants and biophilic images appeared has been really positive, saying: “It’s an amazing place to do some quiet studying and the greenery makes it a beautiful working environment.”’ said Kate Molan, our Acting Head of Sixth Form.

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