NATUREMOSS - Mixed moss and timber wall

NATUREMOSS - Mixed moss and timber wall

Moss & Bark & Foliage @NWA


Futures Housing Group is a major, not-for-profit provider of affordable homes across the East Midlands and an active property developer. They already own and manage over 10,000 homes, but they want to do much more and  have ambitious growth plans for the future.

Along with their designer and contractor Jennor, they put together a stunning plan to incorporate biophilic design into their communal areas.


Firebox Design are commercial interior designers with more than 15 years experience of delivering specialist bespoke solutions.

They provide a professional tailored service for companies both large and small.

The team is headed by Liesl Fireman an interior designer with an impressive track record of delivering the results clients need.

Firebox Design works to maximise space creating a flexible workplace that connects people using locations and technology.

Buildings and office space are a significant cost to all companies so it must work to support your business.

Firebox Design believes that the right venue can motivate staff, improve employee well-being, assist cultural change and support the brand.

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