Moss Walls

Moss Walls

Its been quite a year for moss panels from Innerspace. From grand statement walls to small feature pieces, our maintenance-free, practical alternative to living walls has found its way into many great projects this year.

From top-left clockwise; Evergreen Premium Reindeer moss panels at WeWork, Curved Evergreen Flexipanel wall at the Royal Yacht Hotel, Greenhill bun moss panels at Tideway, Evergreen panels at Uber, Bun and meadow moss in the City and Evergreen Reindeer moss panels at Techo.

Available in many species, colours and combinations, Innerspace moss panels are easy to specify and easy to use.

And for an amazing, high-impact signage, moss is a great option.

From top-left clockwise; Evergreen Reindeer moss with flowers at Baygo, Metal frame letter infilled with Reindeer moss for Queensway, Acrylic letters on Reindeer moss at AMH and Metal frame sign with Reindeer moss at WeWork.

For samples and project support please call us – we’re excited to see what comes up for 2018.