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JMC Recruitment


Innerspace Cheshire – Naturemoss – Forest Floor and Daisies


OEG Interiors


JMC are a fast growing legal recruitment company who have grown at a phenomenal rate since being started up by entrepreneur Jason Connolly 18 months ago. Bursting at the seams, they made the decision to take their working environment to the next level and create a pleasant space in which to meet and interview candidates, relocating from their cramped serviced office space to a stylish and spacious plot in Queen Square.

OEG’s relaxed but professional approach at the initial meeting impressed Managing Director Jason, mirroring the vision of what he was hoping to achieve within his project and it was not long before JMC commissioned OEG to create this exciting new space.

The brief was to bring the outside in, whilst at the same time using the feature brick walls to create a New York edgy feel. JMC weren’t disappointed as OEG crafted the layouts to include aspects such as a neon ‘JMC’ Logo against the brick to set off the tone and give the space that downtown jazz bar look!

JMC found themselves with space they could feel proud of, to use the words of the client, a ‘relaxed and fun working environment where the team will be happy and therefore stay and grow with JMC and enjoy its success’.

Their light and airy new space gives JMC room to expand as the business continues to grow. Staff feel enlightened and motivated in their new workplace, excited about the next phase of their journey and the part they play at every stage of their growth.

Speaking about the project the client said ‘The staff couldn’t wait to come to work on the Monday after we moved in. We socialize together after a long day and have somewhere to celebrate on successful days. What better than wandering over to the bar to open a bottle of champagne to congratulate staff on their hard work and successes?’

‘We are also benefiting from a place away from our desks to de-stress and this is having a positive impact our mental well-being. Our physical well-being is also being looked after now we have chairs that are supporting our backs and fully adjustable, this has made a real difference to comfort while at the desk.’

JMC Recruitment