NATUREVERDE - Foliage - Topiary

NATUREVERDE - Foliage - Topiary

Foliage @Moneytree


Moneytree Wealth Management is a firm of financial planners that help clients improve their financial wellbeing. Our aim is to make them happier, not just wealthier.

Over the past five years we have seen a gradual move towards more online and remote meetings but the recent pandemic has accelerated this hugely. We took the opportunity while in lockdown to embrace this change knowing that online meetings are here to stay (won’t replace face to face) but will be a key means of communication moving forward.

We were aware that our meeting rooms needed to not only be suitable for when clients came to visit but also what the backdrop looked like when clients were on a video call to us. Hence the creation of the now dubbed Zoom room.

Richard and his team at Innerspace created us a jungle wall with our logo back lit along with other preserved planters for the zoom calls background. The team also designed and fitted a wooden panelled wall to hang our large TV screen and hide cabling. We are really happy with the result and would highly recommend Richard and his team.

Tom Lenton Director


CREATING SPACES AND PLACES SINCE 1999, they aim to create distinctive, bespoke and creative interiors for the commercial and domestic markets. Particularly seeking to raise the expectation of what is looked for in public spaces. They have years of design experience in the London, Surrey, Hampshire, Cheshire areas, working in a diverse range of settings and are always seeking to create a personal response to each space and client.

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