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Innerspace Cheshire - Materials For Design


Level 39


Moss, Rust & Concrete


TPS Interiors and Level 39


We completed a project alongside the team of Level 39, Canary Wharf. Elevated in the Tower with breath taking views of the City of London and the river Thames snaking elegantly though its heart, it’s hard not to be inspired by the collective harmony which seems to exist within Level 39. We explored the use of many new surface design products and some brave decisions were put forward. The concept was partially based upon bringing the outside inside and embracing many of the natural elements which tend to inspire us. Combined with the use of raw construction materials and using unconventional geometry the finished effect has been incredible.

As with most forms of art it can be subjectively viewed however in this case the general consensus has been very positive. We aimed to provide a unique working environment which would engage, inspire and embrace the innovative ethos which exists within this organisation and I am very proud of the entire TPS Interiors team who helped make this project the success it so richly deserved.

Anthony Devlin