When I was a child (a long time ago), I hadn’t a clue what I wanted to do with my life, when asked by parents this question I would answer ‘to make a difference’ that is all I ever wanted to do!

After 15 years in the Signage industry,  9 as a sales director for a well known supplier,  I decided to set up a consultancy business, using all products and people that I love to work with.

Although I have lived in what seems a fabrication bubble for this time, its a breath of fresh air to learn about new products away from the flat cut letters, built up letters, totems, hanging signs, wayfinding which I love, but to use new materials is very exciting – hence now working with Innerspace Cheshire and their beautiful products!

Why ‘Make It Happen’ – for days and weeks I tried thinking of a name, then in one day, 3 of my clients said in various ways, whatever you will do Sam, you will ‘make it happen’……decision made!

Now 6 months in and I am loving every minute! My role now is so diverse with products and people. I am working with a number of companies at this stage on their systems & procedures, staff, project managing for clients and to add working with a Franchise Group with their staff, products and looking after their National Accounts.

I am always on the look out for what can inspire my next client, when I show off the products from Innerspace Cheshire I may start with 2 people in the room but before you know it they have grabbed all their colleagues to take a look – makes my job a total joy!

The key is working with people, listening and educating on what can be done, stretching the imagination as well as pushing the boundaries.

Lets Make It Happen together.


Tel: + 44 7595 071288