NATUREVERDE - Foliage - Jungle

NATUREVERDE - Foliage - Jungle

Foliage @C & C


C&C Group is a software house that builds, hosts and supports enterprise software applications, predominantly for organisations within the utilities and pharma sectors.

Formed in 1980, C&C grew steadily over time to consist of a team of 85 permanent staff which had been based across two serviced offices in the North East and South East.

However, it had become clear that the serviced premises they shared with several other companies were no longer fit for purpose for such a well-established business.

Particularly when it came to their Surrey HQ.

Just prior to the pandemic, C&C’s newly appointed Chief Executive therefore made the decision to relocate their HQ to a space of their own where they could feel firmly in control.

They enlisted the help of TDA to design and build an impressive, contemporary office space that would provide a warm and comfortable environment for their staff and clients while reflecting C&C’s identity and innovative, forward-thinking culture.


They’ve been creating workplaces that help people and brands to grow since 1988.

TDA has a rich history of delivering exceptional commercial interior design and build projects. With over 30 years’ experience, they have recognised the need to adapt in the fast-paced design and build market.

They offer talented people the opportunity to deliver outstanding work for their clients, in a positive and stable environment. Free from office politics and the need to make up numbers.

Their team has been carefully nurtured to ensure that they have the experience and resource needed to deliver projects of all sizes while maintaining a personal, consultative experience at every stage.

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