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April 19, 2016
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May 4, 2016

Carrots v Radishes!

This battle of salad vegetables is nothing to do with nutritional value or appetising colours, it’s all about carpet yarn.

In particular its to do with how the yarn is coloured.

The traditional method was to dye the yarn after extrusion either before it is made into the carpet or once the carpet is made. This is called piece dying and gives a yarn cross section where the dyestuffs are on the outside but the yarn is a milky colour in the middle – like when you chop into a radish.

The new generation of yarn is extruded with the colour already in it – the pigments are introduced to the yarn precursor prior to extrusion. This is called solution dying and gives a cross section where the colour is all the way through the yarn – like when you chop through a carrot.

Daft as this all sounds, there are quite a few reasons why carrot carpet is preferable for commercial installations – that’s why all our standard Tecsom carpet tile ranges are carrots not radishes. The reasons why will be in my next post – ‘Carrots v Radishes – part II – return of the crudités’. Bet you can’t wait.

(By Richard Russell)