Innerspace Cheshire - Moss Walls and Moss Signage
Apr 21, 2017
Innerspace Cheshire - Carpet Tiles
Back to basics!
Nov 6, 2018

Carpet Tiles @Dust

Innerspace Cheshire - Carpet Tiles - Slo151

Innerspace Cheshire - Carpet Tiles - Slo151

Dust Architecture

Innerspace Carpet Concept Slo 151

Dust Architecture

“We specified the SLO 151 as it delivered in terms of looks, sustainability, performance and cost. Seeing as our office sits above a recording studio it was important that the carpet provided a level of sound insulation while also looking the part. Last but not least it was available on a very short lead time and easy to install at the tiles come in a large format. We are very happy with the result”

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