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June 13, 2020


Innerspace Cheshire - SQUARED

Innerspace Cheshire - SQUARED

Handcrafted with some of our signature options of moss and bark,
SQUARED is a beautifully designed feature wall system that will bring joy
to any space.

SQUARED was inspired by the highly decorative Tudor buildings that are the
backdrop to life in our hometown of Nantwich.

Highly decorative and striking in the traditional black and white, we’ve used
these shapes to bring form to SQUARED.

SQUARED is offered in three colours, dark stained end grain oak, natural oiled
end grain oak and whitewashed end grain oak.

Each colour is supplied as a series of tiles, a square and combinations of
rectangles and triangles of different dimensions and layouts. There are seven
types in total, supplied in equal quantities.

Each colour has a highlight pack, copper for the dark stained oak, Lowland moss
for the natural oiled oak and poplar bark for the whitewashed oak.

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