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Moss walls and signage



Carefully crafted by hand at our own workshop, our moss walls are a great way to introduce biophilic design into commercial workspace, hospitality and residential projects.

Our mosses are sustainably harvested from managed forests and preserved using eco friendly materials.

Moss walls can come in an array of colours and can be beautifully designed to combine with other elements such as 3D forms, lighting, signage or even other eco friendly materials like bark.

There are three main moss varieties, reindeer, bun and flat, and we can combine them together in some standard forms, or totally bespoke to match your ideas.

Because our moss walls are preserved, they are virtually maintenance free, needing no light or water, a perfect alternative to a real living wall.



  • Forest Floor – varied mixture of low level moss
  • Foothill – total coverage of bun moss, available in various green colours
  • Landscape – mixed coverage in bun and flat moss
  • Lowland – total coverage in flat moss
  • Rainforest – total coverage in reindeer moss, available in various greens, or the colours of the rainbow.
  • Signage – made bespoke


Don’t forget

  • We can provide all your signage requirements
  • We can make this product bespoke so send us your ideas


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