Concrete wallcovering - Innerspace Cheshire

Concrete wallcovering - Innerspace Cheshire


360i – New HQ


Concrete on a roll – Plain




“Designed and built by GREY, the new HQ for 360i was designed for agile working in its true form, pushing the space to work hard for their client. With elbow room to grow, the landlines and standardised desks are gone. In their place is a modular “blank canvas” that can adapt to any working set up thrown its way. Staff have the freedom to work wherever they want. Be it in the noise-cancelling felt booths, the shared benches or the open-plan kitchen island with music playing. Concrete on a roll was used on the main island bar, which is a focal feature of the workspace. The bar is used for breakout, functions and agile working.”

Jo Armley

Design Manager