Woven Vinyl Flooring - Innerspace Cheshire
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September 21, 2016
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September 23, 2016

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Woven Vinyl Flooring - Innerspace Cheshire

Woven Vinyl Flooring - Innerspace Cheshire



PRODUCT:  Woven Vinyl Flooring – 2tec2 – Topaz

SPECIFIER:  Kinga Roorda Architects

In the Security Innovation Lab in Delft, answers are sought to complex problems relating to public order and safety, using information technology, simulation and visualization.

This computer-driven “pressure cooker” was shaped as a human body with the red server as the pulsating heart, the wiring is the veins where data is processed while the brain is translated in several gaming units – the core activity here is creative thinking.

The team of Kingma Roorda Architects chose to apply the earthy colour tones of 2tec2’s Topaz vinyl flooring to reinforce the contrast with the individual, colourful units.