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Moss @Permira
February 20, 2017
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February 20, 2017

WovenVinylFlooring @Haute Déco

Innerspace Cheshire - Woven Vinyl Flooring

Innerspace Cheshire - Woven Vinyl Flooring


Haute Déco


Woven Vinyl Flooring – 2tec2


Haute Déco


London’s longest-established specialist for luxury architectural hardware, Haute Déco is an independent label specialising exclusively in hand made, contemporary handles. Infused with pared-down glamour, Haute Deco’s collections are appreciated worldwide for adding character and style to the most desirable residential interiors.

Over the last two decades, Haute Déco has built an exclusive collection of  classic-contemporary doorknobs and handles spanning across luxurious materials including bronze and crystal resin. Particular expertise lies in luscious bronze textures, and in encapsulating bronze elements into translucent resin to create doorknobs with hypnotic metallic radiance. Colour in all forms is another specialty, with an extensive livrary of subtle and vibrant colours.

Each collection has a unique vibe, from precious door jewellery to nature-inspired rough luxury. A distinctive house-style permeates the collection, rooted in an inspired form of design that owes more to sculpture than to CAD; in tune with fashion and interior design, capturing the essence of the moment yet remaining timeless.

Made with integrity, by hand and in time-honoured fashion in Haute Déco’s purpose-built atelier in South-West England, each handle bears the mark of true luxury, a “beauty from within” that is hard to define but easy to recognise.

The Kings Road showroom has been redesigned as a haven of effortless elegance. Taking a cue from Haute Deco’s unique door jewellery concept, the space looks and feels much like a jewellery store.   Haute Déco’s passion for textures comes through in the choice of materials throughout the showroom, the sophisticated layering creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. The floor treatment, combining two different motifs of woven vinyl from 2tec2, opens up the space around the central feature table. Grey-oak furniture around the perimeter doubles-up as informal seating, adding to the gallery-feel of this light-filled space.

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