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April 10, 2017
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December 21, 2017


Innerspace Cheshire - Moss Panels

Innerspace Cheshire - Moss Panels

For a spectacular feature wall, focal point or unique and bespoke signage, we present real Icelandic moss.

True to our key product values, our moss is AUTHENTIC, PRACTICAL and AFFORDABLE.

Stabilised Icelandic moss is sustainably harvested in Scandinavia, cleaned and preserved and retains its natural organic characteristics, remaining soft to the touch.

The moss requires no watering, sunlight or maintenance and stays fresh and soft from the humidity in the air.

An antistatic process stops dust from clinging to the moss, so the product is a much more practical alternative to living walls, both in terms of installation and maintenance.

An added benefit is that our moss has a great acoustic impact on spaces where it is installed.

Although a beautiful, premium product the ease of installation and the ease of maintenance of moss makes it a much more AFFORDABLE solution than traditional living walls.